1 month old kitten. how cute :3

Still during my walk, I got cuddle-attack by this guy :D funny little cat, this one!

representing the current weather here in france.

one minute, it’s all sunny and enjoyable. and then the next minute, it rains and you’re cold and only want to drink a hot beverage.

this is weird.

look what happened in the middle of last night. that was very unexpected!

would you believe me if i say that my cat just hopped in the frame only a tiny second before i took the photo which made it completely awesome and relevant?

my brother’s kitty paid me a visit. she’s a real cutie <3

Sunbathing in the afternoon part 2

(And thanks i-doll for your reply to the previous entry. I have this constant habit of undervalue anything I do :’D Your words comforted me! ilu <3)

Sunbathing in the afternoon

Hey, I’m right behind you.