Hello~! I’m fafa, french, a fangirl, a professional daydreamer, a bookworm & a tv shows/movies addict. Enchanté.

I have another tumblr blog, thatmanispsychotic, dedicated to reblog things I like.

Also, if you're interested in following a beautiful and great photography tumblr, you should check out i-doll. I highly recommend it! She's my amazing and talented friend and deserves to be famous!

✿ This tumblr is my photography blog. Photos taken by me and only me when wandering around. I’m very interested in photography. I have a Sony Nex 5 named Ghost, a Lomo Fisheye named Fishy, a Fuji Instax named fuji-kun, a rangefinder Canonet QL19 and a Minolta XD-11 (yes I name my electronic devices, it’s fun!). The old photos I’ve taken were with a Canon IXUS 860IS. Yep camera addict!

✿ I love Japan and its culture: manga, music, history, etc. I’m currently learning Japanese (5 years now woohoo, JLPT N4 exam taken in december and recently got the results: PASSED! I'm so glad!!). I went there 5 years ago and I’m really eager to go again. Hopefully when I’ll have enough money, I’ll arrange this 3 weeks big-ass trip that I’m dreaming of! (/dreamy sigh)

✿ Apart from Japan, I really want to go to Canada (either live there if I’m able to or for a holiday trip). Australia and New Zealand are on my list too. Also Iceland, Ireland, Scotland and many other countries. Though I went to Scotland for a week last year and it was amazing! Except not enough time to discover everything… (THE HIGHLANDS /quiet sobbing)

✿ Life without books is impossible for me (NO BOOKS NO LIFE!). I read mostly fantasy/scifi books but I can go for other genres too. Though I'm not reading as much as I'd want, I'm trying to follow my book challenge of reading 30 books a year (my goodreads profile & my book wishlist if you're interested :'D).

✿ I’m a tv shows addict. I can watch almost anything as far as something got my attention. My favorite serie of all time is Battlestar Galactica. This show is so wonderfully written and has an incredible music by Bear McCreary. As for movies, I’ll try almost anything too.

✿ If you want to know how I look like, just browse the self portrait tag. I'm just getting around showing my face more :'D Still not an 100% comfortable about it though... And you can go see the about me tag on my other tumblr blog. Apart from that, I have a twitter account where I may not post a lot but I do most of the time. And a last.fm profile too, if you want to know my music tastes :)

Basically I’m a very curious & weird geek girl.